My weekend away with Endometriosis

I have always loved to travel whether it be a weekend exploring a city, watching rugby or sitting by a pool. As a child we spent many summers in French campsites, then when I left university I went off to explore China, Australia and New Zealand and now I’m with my husband we have at least one sun holiday a year and many more weekends away in the UK or in the rest of Europe.

Nowadays it takes me more planning to get ready for a weekend. With my endometriosis and chronic pain there are so many more things I need to take into account, like how much medication do I need, making sure I have a drink to take said medication, are my clothes not only suitable for the weather but will cope if my endo belly makes an appearance, can I sit down if I get tired, how much pain will I be in as a result of going out and many more! I don’t let this stop me though, as I said I love to travel and do things I enjoy and I wont let anything take that away from me!

This weekend we were at the London leg of the World Sevens Series which is held at Twickenham over the course of two day, Its the first time we have been to one of the international sevens tournaments and went for just the finals day which was the Sunday. We headed to London on Saturday and stayed into Chertsey due to the first game being a 9.30am start and its a two and a half hour drive to Twickenham from our house but around 20 minutes from Chertsey so was a no briainer really when I managed to book the hotel for under £50!

The tornument did not disappoint, it was an incredible party atmosphere with a very celebratory feel. There was so much going on other than the rugby! The choice of food stalls and variety of drinks on offer were amazing, as a vegetarian my options of food at rugby is normally limited to chips but here there was mac and cheese, Greek halloumi kebabs, burgers and many more options I didn’t bother looking at properly! The drinks choice was just as varied with beer, cider, wine, prosecco, pimms gin and any number of soft drink options! It really gave me a choice meaning there was less chance the dreaded endo belly would make an appearance as I could chose food and drinks I know suit me! This type of rugby was great for me, I cant sit down for too long without being in pain so we were able to watch a couple of games and then head to the fan village for a walk around, to get a drink and even continue to watch the rugby on the big screen! We could then do back and sit down for a bit!

Yes by the end of the day I was in pain that sitting down wasn’t going to make it go away and I was extremely exhausted, it was totally worth it. The rugby and the atmosphere were amazing and at least it is a bank holiday today meaning I could spend the day resting on the sofa doing very little apart from watching films! My pain level is high, my legs are painful, my shoulders ache and my pelvis is cramping but it isn’t totally unmanageable and my medication is dealing with most of it which is always an advantage! Luckily I don’t have anything on this week so other than work I can focus on letting my body recover ahead of a family party next weekend!

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