My Endometriosis Flare Must Haves

Living with endometriosis is crap and that is putting it politel! There is the constant pain, the headaches, migraines and the overwhelming fatigue. Then there are the flares when everything gets 10 times worse.

I am currently on day four of an absolutely awful flare, it started Thursday night after I over did it and shows no signs of going anywhere. This is one of the worse flares I have had in some considerable time, luckily I have got my flare routine down to a fine art!

As soon as I feel a flare coming on I know I cant stop it so all I can do is make myself as comfortable as possible while I ride it out! Luckily I have found several products that I find really help me whether it be to ease the pain or just generally keep me going!

  1. Yuyu hot water bottlethese body bottles are amazing they are perfectly shaped for pelvis pain and you can strap it round you to keep it in the perfect position.
  2. BeYou Period Patcheda perfect alternative to hot water bottles especially when you are out and about. The menthol and eucalyptus work wonders are easing the cramps!
  3. Homefront Electric Heated Throwa perfect way to have head to toe heat to soothe the chronic pain in my legs and back.
  4. TV subscriptions – these are great for keeping you entertained while resting even if it is rewatching things I’ve seen again and again as I cant focus on something new!
  5. Jug – I often find myself not drinking enough when I’m flaring as I’m in to much pain to keep getting up so I bought myself this super cute lilo & stitch jug I fill at the start of a day and keep on the table next to the sofa.

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