Travelling with a chronic illness

It’s oh so very nearly holiday time, and I couldn’t be more excited! It seems like such a long time we went on holiday and it is well overdue! This year me and my husband are heading to the Greek island of Corfu. We haven’t been to Corfu but have been to a couple of the other Greek Islands and enjoyed them. I seriously cant wait to get some sun on my skin and simply spend a week sat by the pool sipping on cocktails.

The only downside of abroad holidays is the Joy’s of travelling and being away from home with endometriosis! But I love holiday too much to let it stop me! So I let my love of being organised and making lists to help me fully prepare for all eventualities! I have a list for everything, in fact at the moment I have 3 lists on the go – an overall to do list, a washing to do list and a buying to do list!

By being organised I feel in control and I feel like I can manage my endometriosis and chronic pain while I’m away. By feeling in control my stress is less which while I cannot stop my pain it can help stop it flairing up as much as for me like many stress is a big trigger!

This is a sun holiday for me and we are at a very quite all inclusive hotel and actually have no plans to leave the complex. It will be a week of pure relaxation which means there isn’t as much to plan for compared to if it was a city break and we were out and about sightseeing everyday which means I dont have to come up with a Plan B if I am in too much pain or have high fatigue! The most we will do is wander to the beach or a local bar which can fit around how I feel at any given time.

My organisation for trips no matter what type always start well in advance normally about 2 weeks but can be even earlier if I get over excited! It starts with the same questions I need to address –

  • How much medication will I need and do I have enough or will I need to do a repeat prescription
  • What are the laws around my medication where I am travelling and will I need a doctors letter to take with me
  • Is my period due while I am away
  • Do I have clothes that will be comfortable if the dreaded endo belly makes an appearance
  • Do I have alternatives to the hot water bottle to use to ease my pain
  • What entertainment do I need should I have insomnia caused by the pain
  • How will I manage my pain on the plane
  • What will be most comfortable for me to travel in
  • Where will I keep my medication when we are not in the hotel room

Once I have these answered I know I have done everything I can do to make myself as comfortable as possible and the rest is really just holiday basics!

I’m actually that organised that tonight is Tuesday and we dont go away till Friday and 90% of my packing is already done which means I can spend the next couple of days relaxing and letting myself get into the holiday mood!

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