The importance of meal prep when you have a chronic illness!

I know that I should eat healthily and sensibly as food does have an impact on chronic illness but honestly it really isn’t always that simple. I work full time and over the past few years and have been out the house between 10 and 12 hours which means sometimes especially if I’m having a bad flare by the time I get home I just haven’t got the energy to make a healthy meal from scratch so it’s easier just to put something straight from the freezer into the oven to or shove some pasta in a pan of boiling water. When you are living with a chronic illness batch cooking really is a key thing to be doing but it isn’t always that simple as let’s face it who wants to spend their evening and weekends when you are feeling ok simply cooking just in case you dont feel well over the coming days. I certainly don’t, if I’m feeling well enough and the pain is low enough I want to be out actually having a life!

Then at the start of July I changed jobs to working within the hospitality industry meaning my hours changed from the tradition 9am to 5/5.30pm to 10am to 5pm meaning I’m now not getting home till 7pm but I do have extra time in the morning. This got me thinking of how use that extra in a morning to my advantage and have healthy and fresh food for my dinner which are ready as quickly as possible when I get some so I’m not eating too late (as that often doesn’t agree with me). Then I realised the answer was the slow cooker! I could get everything ready before leaving and simply leave it on low and when I get home there will be a hot healthy home cooked meal ready to eat straightaway! How had I not thought about this before it was so obvious.

I’ve had a slow cooker for years and used to use it loads before I stopped eating meat especially in winter for stews and casseroles. It was the perfect solution, as well as my food being ready as soon as I’m home as you cant really cook for one in a slow cooker and its would only be me eating it (my husband eats meat and doesn’t seen veggie meals as proper food) I would have plenty to have for lunch and put a couple of portions in the freezer for when I’m having a really bad flare and simply dont have the energy to do anything more than put something into the microwave!

Last week way my first week trying this approach and it worked perfectly as I said I really cant believe I’ve haven’t used this method more over the years! Its just so simple and easy and would recommend it to anyone with a chronic illness!


  1. I never thought to do this, but I definitely feel like I should. I suffer from chronicle illness too and having to worry about what I’ll eat for lunch that day is becoming a little stressful. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂


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