BeYou patches, helping endometriosis the natural way

It’s Monday night and due to a mixture of pelvic pain and hayfever meaning I can’t breathe through my nose when I lie down I’m still wide away! So I thought I’d share an amazing product that I just couldn’t be without in my battle for a normal life as possible while being in pain. The product in question is the Be You period patch.

I first saw the period patches advertised on Instagram and they caught my attention with the tag lines “Sooth period pain naturally” and “sourced by nature, backed by science”. As an endometriosis sufferer I am always on the lookout for ways to ease my pelvic pain and I was particularly interested in the fact it was a natural product as I am trying to live as naturally as possible.

In all honesty after reading the product information and finding out they were menthol and eucalyptus strips I was a little sceptical as I have only ever used heat patches before, I wasnt sure if they would work. However the reviews were good so I thought what have I got to lose by ordering a pack.

The patches arrived really quickly and at a perfect time as I was in the middle of a flare where I was having some serious breakthrough pain on top on my medication. I decided to apply one the next morning before I left for work. It didnt go so well but that was mainly because I didnt read the instructions and took both ends off first and they stuck to each other instead of me! That one went in the bin and I started again this time reading the instructions, this time I found it much easier to apply and got it exactly where I wanted it just under my belly button and headed out the house to work.
Apart from the slight tingling and cooling sensation when I first applied the patch I actually forgot I was wearing it. They are discreet and comfortable to wear. It was when I got into work and was sat at my desk that I realised I wasnt experiencing any breakthrough pain like I had been the previous few day, I couldn’t believe it! I could actually feel the muscles in my pelvis relaxing and feeling a lot less tight and tense! The patches were an absolute revelation, I travel for well over an hour and a half a day and let’sface it you cant take a hot water bottle on the train whereas nobody knows I have my patch on!
I decided that I needed to set up a subscription as I couldn’t be without the patches! I honestly haven’t looked back since and can honestly say I will tell any female who will listen about them! I’m sure I bore people but for me the patches have been a game changer meaning I can still be up and about when I’m having a flare giving a bit more of a normal


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