When chronic pain lands you in hospital!

The past month or so has been a pretty rough on for me, my pain chronic especially my endometriosis pain has ramped up to a horrific level.

On the 29th of July the pain on my right hand side especially around my ovary go so bad I went to the out of hours doctors. I expected to be given some strong pain medication and told to see my own GP, what actually happened was I was admitted for two nights into the gynecology assessment unit.

After endless poking, prodding and a number of tests and scans they were able to rule out any infections for ruptured cysts the pain was put down to an extremely bad endometriosis flare. Once again I expected to be handed the painkillers and sent on my way. I was really pleasantly surprised but what did happen next. I was seen by the consultant and the pain management team who prescribed me some longer term medication (gabapentin and a higher dose of amitriptyline) and an appointment to see the specialist six weeks later to assess how the gabapentin was working and look at what we could do long term to easy the endometriosis. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. The ward I was on and the doctors and nurses I saw were absolutely amazing and the care I recieved was exemplary I cannot fault them what so ever.

After a few days of the new medication and resting at home I saw a vast improvement in the pelvis and ovary pain. Unfortunately that was only to last just over a week then the pain was back, I wasn’t sleeping properly and was feeling seriously drained so back to my GP I went. I saw a locum who was exceptionally understanding and was even apologetic at me having to deal with this! She increased my gabapentin and advised is the new dose didnt work to call the surgery and they could increase it again till I got the relief.

Luckily the new dose has actually helped me manage the pain. While I am not 100% endometriosis pain free the pain has seriously decrease and is totally manageable at present. I see my consultant in two weeks to see what else there is they can do to help my going forward. When I saw him at the hospital we discussed the medical menopause but after my own research and the fact there is a HRT shortage I am going to discuss what other options are available to me!

As for my other chronic pain that is ok I am still struggling with leg pain and back pain and at the moment I am making do with the medications I have until I see the pain management team at the end of October!


  1. Hi Naomi, your story really connected with me, as I experience very similar symptoms. This past month the pain in my right side was so bad I didn’t think I was ever going to move again. I also get the pain in my legs and back. It’s good that you found something that can mask the pain. The sad part is, is that we have to mask the pain because no one can truly solve it. Thank you for having the courage to talk about your pain


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