Easing Chronic Pain Naturally

Over the last month or so I have really been suffering with restless leg syndrome and other chronic back and leg pain. To start they were the least of my worries with my endometriosis landing me in hospital! However now I’ve managed to get that under control they are driving me crazy and making me seriously uncomfortable! As I am already taking 20 tablets a day I decided to look for something more natural rather than add more tablets!

I have decided to go for BeYou’s 300mg Muscle balm. There were a few reason I opted for this particular product. Firstly I thought adding a topical form of CBD to my painful muscles directly would help as well as helping the circulation while rubbing it in. Then there is the fact I already use and love BeYou’s period patches and CBD oral spray so it seemed silly not to go with a company I already love! Lastly it was highly recommended by so many people!

The balm itself is made from high quality all natural ingredients with 300mg strength of full spectrum CBD and is scented with Rosehip, Geranium, Eucalyptus and Lavender. It is £29.99 for a 50ml pot.

My pot turned up this morning and I couldn’t be more excited to try it so I thought I would share my first thoughts!

The packaging –

The pot itself comes in a small box with a little leaflet about CBD and its benefits. Personally I loved this as there was no excess plastic! As for the pot itself it is a nice sturdy glass pot which is small enough to take out and about in your handbag but big enough I would have a problem getting the balm out of it in order to use it!

The Smell

As soon as I opened it I loved the smell of it, the scents are so well balanced which is great for someone like me who can be hypersensitive to smells.

The muscle balm –

Let’s face it this is the most important part. The balm itself is in solid form in the pot so I used my nail to remove some to start then used the heat from the palm of my hands to melt it and then massage into my legs. It was so easy to use and easily rubbed into my legs without leaving any greasy after texture. I was really happy that I was able to get dressed pretty much straight after using it!

Overall my first impressions of the balm are really good! I will certainly be adding this to my nightly routine and am really quite excited to see if it can help me with my random chronic pains.

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