Chronic pain and weight loss

When I was in hospital my new consultant booked me an appointment to see him again six weeks later. A few weeks back I had that appointment and if I’m honest it didn’t really go how I was hoping it would!

When I first saw him when I he admitted he agreed that the pain I am having is more likely than not the endometriosis being back. At that point I was put on gabapentin, which has been working some of the time but not 100% of the time! I was really hoping because of the fact I am still in pain and that pain can be very high at times that he would put me on the waiting list for another laparoscopy to remove any that had grown back so I could hopefully have a few pain free months. Unfortunately my weight was the stumbling block! I am under no illusion I am thin I know I am overweight and I know that I need to do something about it, I’m just a little disappointed that the treatment my consultant decided on was influenced by my weight and that I am being denied the only treatment that has worked properly for me because of it!

I fully admit once I left the hospital I was a total mess, I cried and cried and just felt really deflated that they are happy for me to continue with medication that doesn’t work all the time. Then I realised that crying and being grumpy really wasn’t going to achieve anything and decidee to use the frustration for good. I decided that I would use it to actually lose the weight so when I see the consultant again in six months times they cant fob be off with medication only again.

So a week ago I joined or rejoined I should say Slimming World! For some reason I cant be trusted to diet on my own! I guess it’s the fact if I’m paying a membership my mind thinks that I have stick to the diet because it’s a waste of money other wise! The reason I decided to go with slimming world is out of all the diets I’ve tried I do find it the easiest to fit into my life!

So for the past week I have been planning my meals, making healthier decisions and generally eating healthier, which has really paid off as at my first weigh in this morning I lost 5lbs which I am over the moon with. I just need to really to actually stick with it this time. I’m hoping the fact that I really do need a laparoscopy and I cant have one till I lower my BMI will be all the motivation I need!

Wish me luck 💛

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