Chronic illness and pain management

In March my GP decided there wasn’t much more he could for my constant and chronic pain so referred my to my pain management specialist. Seven months later my appointment is finally in sight, 3.20pm this Friday.

It’s been a long wait and in that time my pain and symptoms have got worse. So as you can imagine I am so glad to be finally getting to see someone. I really don’t know what to expect but in preparation I have actually written down where and what sort of pain I’ve been having. Actually seeing everything written down in one place made me realise the amount of crap my body has been causing me! I have also written down all of my questions so I don’t forget anything.

I’m a little bit apprehensive about what will come out of it as the last few specialist appointments have been a bit of a let down but we shall see! I am hoping they can address the breakthrough pain I get from my endometriosis and can help with the widespread pain my GP has washed his hands of.

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