Practicing Mindfulness to help my chronic pain

When I saw the psychologist at my pain management appointment he suggested I try practicing mindfulness to help manage my stress and anxiety levels which could in turn help with my fibromyalgia pain. The psychologist suggested some reading and a few apps I could use to help. I thought why not, I have nothing to lose and actually quite a lot to gain. I had heard a few people (including my CBT therapist last year) mention headspace to decided to give that one a go!

When you first log in it asks you some questions like what you are looking to get out of mindfulness and meditation, for me it was to reduce stress and anxiety and aid sleep. After that it’s how long you would like to do the guided activities for, I chose three minutes to start as I want sure what to expect and wasn’t sure I could do the longer version. It then gave me a ten part guided series to help me get used to meditation and mindfulness.

The first time I decided to use it was bedtime, I sat cross legged on my bed in my pjs with my V shaped pillow supporting my back. The voice was very soothing and it talks you through noticing the sounds around you and then onto focusing on your breathing and how it feels. It then goes onto you mind wandering, noticing it wandering and then back to your breathing. When the recording finished and I opened my eyes I really did feel much calmer and less stressed.

I have continued with the sessions and am an day four so far and I can honestly say it’s not at all how I perceived it would be! I have always thought meditation was a bit of a nonsense and more associated with crystals and hippies! Actually I really do see the benefits of taking a little time each day to ground myself and simply focus on me. Each time I have done the three minute guided session I have felt much calmer and more focused afterwards. It is certainly something I will keep practicing as I genuinely feel that it will help with my anxiety and hopefully in turn can help my fibromyalgia and even endometriosis symptoms from flaring up!

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