Long car journeys with fibromyalgia

Last weekend I travelled from Walsall to Edinburgh for the weekend to watch Wasps in the European Challeng cup. The journey itself is a 474 mile round trip and due to the fact four of us were travelling and the flights were going to cost us over £100 each we decided to take the car!

The journey without breaks was going to take around five hours 15 minutes which is the longest journey I’ve taken in a long time and certainly the longest I have had since my endometriosis and fibromyalgia symptoms have got worse! To say I was a little anxious was an understatement as being in the same position for a pronged period of time leads to pain and stiffness. So in true Naomi style I thought the best way to get my anxieties under control was to start thinking and planning exactly what I might need to take and to do to help me with such a long journey!

The planning actually really helped and the journey both their and back were as good journeys as the could be considering I have to chronic illnesses which are both characterised by extreme pain and the fact my period made an appearance the day we set off!

So here is what I found helped me to survive what turned out to be six plus hour journey –

Clothing – as loose fitting and as comfortable as possible! If you arent in comfy clothes you wont be comfortable in a car! I went for my lose fitting popsy dress and my super comfy snag tights which are actually a size too big meaning they really weren’t tight around my stomach.

Relaxed muscles – the first thing I did when I woke up was have a nice long soak in an Epsom salt bath to make sure my muscles were relaxed before even getting into the car

Pillow and blanket – for extra comfort in the car

Medication bag – I like to have all my medications in one place rather than having to search around a bigger bag when looking for them

Food and drink – I took quite a bit of both of these with me, drink so I could take my medications as and when I needed to and food to ensure I didn’t spend the journey feeling sick after I’d taken my medication.

Plenty of stops- getting out the car every so often was essential for me it gave me chance to stretch my legs and get my muscles moving!

Distractions – let’s face it, its not practical to keep stopping when the pain gets high so I look my headphones, music, audiobooks and cross stitches which helped me stop focusing on the pain so much.

BeYou Period Patches – as I’ve mentioned before these really help with my pelvic pain so I applied one before I got dressed!

Cura-heat pain relief patch – the fibromyalgia has really been playing up in my shoulder and heat is the only thing that seems to help so stuck one of the patches to the inside of my dress just above my shoulder!

As I said before neither the journey to Edinburgh or back home again were too unpleasant for me! I ached and hurt a little more on the way home but that was much more about the 20 miles we walked in three days rather than the journey!

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